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*Please note that Tenafly Softball is predominantly a female sport, but is open to all children in Grades 1-8. Kindergarten children and boys in grades 1-8 can sign up for Little League via


We hereby pledge to provide positive support to the Softball program to administer it with professionalism and in the best interests of the children involved by following the Youth Sports Administrators' Code of Ethics:

-We will run Softball for the children involved, not the adults.

-We will ensure that we are knowledgeable in the area of Softball administration.

-We will do our best to provide a safe playing situation for all participants.

-We will provide support for coaches, officials and parents to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

-We will require all coaches and officials to be trained in the responsibilities of being a volunteer within the organization     and that they uphold the Code of Ethics.

-We will implement and enforce the National Youth Sports Coaches Association ("NYSCA") rules.

-We promise to stay informed about current issues involving Softball programs nationally.

​Tenafly Softball follows the State of NJ Model Athletic Code of Conduct.


Please remember, softball is a GAME. It is meant to be fun for the Kids.


Tenafly Softball uses both youth and carded umpires. We insist that all players, parents and coaches respect the authority of the umpire.

-Having Fun
-​Creating Competition
-Building Skills
-Making Friends
-Involving Parents
​-Leading a Path to High School Softball

The MISSION of Tenafly Softball Includes:

About Tenafly Softball


The primary objective of Tenafly Softball is to provide an opportunity for the children of the community to learn to play the game of softball in an atmosphere that will reinforce the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, teamwork, and to foster their growth into healthy and responsible citizens. We provide a competitive Spring/Fall travel program.

Board Members and By-Laws


1.  Keep it positive

2.  Instill laughter and humor

3.  Develop team spirit

4.  Step into their shoes

5.  Involve yourself

6.  Notice all progress

7.  Show excitement and enthusiastic praise

​8.  Offer a good example

9.  Remember to have fun

10.Teach skills

11. Set reasonable expectations